Cuivre! Performs at the Kamanger Theater

On October 8, 2016, Cuivre! performed as part of the Merced’s Got Talent program at the Art Kamanger Theater


Cuivre! members, from left to right: Ken Mackie, Marion Knight, Kathie Mackie, Jill Rowney, John Gottschalk

The program included a selection of the choir’s favorites: Fanfare from Rondeau by Moure; Canzon Seconda a Quattro, by Giovanni Gabrieli; Fughetta, by G. F. Handel; Fantasia on My Father’s World, Arranged by Ken Mackie; America the Beautiful, by Samuel A. Ward, Arranged by Kathie Mackie; and Jerico, Traditional Spiritual, Arranged by Ken Mackie.

Afterwards Merced’s foremost Alphornists John Gottschalk and Ken Mackie performed Echo-Rufe 1, by Hans-Jurg Sommer; Echo-Rufe 2, by Hans-Jurg Sommer; Alphornjagd, by Englebert Aschaber; and All is Well in the Valley, Traditional, Arranged by Ken Mackie.


Alphornists John Gottschalk, left, and Ken Mackie, right, playing “Echo Rufe 1” on 12′ long Alphorns at the Art Kumanger Center in Merced, California.


Merced’s premier Alphornists performing “Echo Rufe 2.”


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