I have always loved music—singing or playing an instrument. There are very few genres of music that I do not enjoy. However, any of the musical talent I have may have been lost if it wasn’t for a very assertive mother. When I attended Dos Palos High School it was renown for 2 programs—football and band. In order to be in the band, one had to “tryout”. At the time, I was playing trumpet, the instrument of choice for many others. I did not pass the tryout.

I said, “I’m done! I quit!”

My mother had other ideas. She said, “I have too much invested for you to quit now.” (I had taken piano lessons, played a chord organ, played clarinet and trumpet.)

My freshman year was spent in intermediate band. That summer my mother arranged for me to have trumpet lessons from the band director. After a few lessons he said, “If you would like to switch instruments, I could use a French horn player.” That’s where is started. I went on to play French horn at Coalinga Junior College (now West Hills) and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. When I moved to Merced I played horn with the Merced Symphony for a few seasons. (I was out of my league!) Then the Merced Concert Band began under the direction of Dr. Harvey. I was one of the original members and continue to perform with that group. Along the way I picked up guitar and, much to the disbelief of high school friends, I found I had a decent singing voice. My love for music continues to provide much enjoyment whether it’s singing in church, playing my guitar and singing just for fun, listening to classical, country, classic rock, show tunes, playing in the concert band or the horn choir, music gives me a peaceful, easy and joyful feeling.


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